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How It All Comes Together

Our platform is a merger between flexibility of payments and a solid delivery system that addresses a very visible need.

What we have built is a network of Independent Couriers who serve as delivery agents for us. If it's an item in a store or restaurant in your city, we can deliver it. Get pizza from your favorite neighborhood joint, new sneakers from Nike, an iPhone charger from the Apple Store, prescriptions from the pharmacy. Whatever you need all within your disposal delivered within 90 minutes. Our local couriers are personally on boarded by our Operations team to complete deliveries in your city. Our local couriers are notified of delivery requests within their locality by push notifications through our app specially built for couriers, within the app they can view all delivery requests within their area and accept whichever they are interested in. When a delivery is accepted, the user is immediately introduced to your courier with a photo, details on how many deliveries they have made and their current rating inside your app. The courier then facilitates the purchase and delivery of whatever it is that you crave for or need.

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