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Some of your Questions:

Q. What is DropBuddies?

We are a peer-to-peer package delivery service and as such, once you make a delivery request, our system automatically uses GPS to alert DropBuddies closest to where you indicated as pickup point via push notification on their mobile device. The DropBuddy who then accepts your request would contact you and head to the pickup point to help fulfill the request.

Q. Where do we operate?

DropBuddies operates in Lagos for now. Our operational area is expanding all the time.

Q. What's the largest thing I can send as an individual?

Anything that can fit into one of our transport mediums (Bags, Bikes and Cars). You can however contact us via Social Media or Telephone if you have any special requests and we would look into how we can be of help.

Q. How long will this whole thing take?

As with all things, it depends on how far we're taking your package. Pick up will mostly happen within one hour of order placement, and will be completed within the following two hours depending on the distance, and location. Our average delivery time from placement to completion is 50 minutes.

Q. Are we insured?

Should your delivery be extra valuable, please ensure you have your own personal cover for added peace of mind. However in the event of any theft or loss, we would validate that the value inputted is realistic and then arrange for a fee commensurate to that loss.

Q. What if I can't find my address on Google Maps?

Google Maps is a great mapping service. However, it isn't 100% accurate all of the time. If you can't find your address, reach out to us at ask@dropbuddies.com and we'll trouble shoot the issue together.

Q. How do I know the cost attached to my shipment?

You can get a price estimate from our home page without even signing in. The exact amount would actually depend on factors such as value of item(s), size and distance.

Q. Can I send to multiple addresses at the same time on one route?

Available to our business partners, this option is our most cost effective. Give us multiple packages and multiple stops, and we'll route them into one efficient route, and charge you the same per kilometre rate you love.

Q. Will you buy something from the shops for me?

Yes we can *In Obama's Voice*. We are open to whatever interesting requests you might have. However we would not assist in your purchase of anything illegal or illicit substance.

Q. What are your operating hours?

DropBuddies operates between 8a.m and 7p.m Mondays to Fridays & 11a.m to 6p.m on Weekends.

Q. What if I want to send something later?

Brilliant! Simply set the date for pickup at a later time and the request would get sent out at the time you inputted.

Q. Do I have to have a credit/debit card?

Yes you need one.

Q. How will I know if a DropBuddy is on the way?

You can always check on the delivery status of your item(s), communicate with your DropBuddy all in real time within the app.

Q. How will I know if my package has been delivered?

As the user who placed the order, you will receive an automated text message when your DropBuddy is a couple of meters away from your delivery address, as well as an automated email receipt of delivery/purchase when process is completed.

Q. Is there a minimum charge?

On the average the minimum is about 300 Naira for places that are within close proximity of each other. There are lots of variable to consider though when computing this figures, however to get an exact quote, do login and place an actual order.

Q. What is the furthest distance I can send to?

We can pick up and deliver to anywhere within our operational limits.

Q. How does it all work?

Got something you need delivered or collected? Open the App and enter locations of the picup and delivery. Select the appropriate mode of delivery by referring to document and packaging guideline and generate a quote and estimated time for both pick up and delivery. Make your payment and in a matter of minutes begin to follow your item on the map in real time. Its that simple.

Q. Do you deliver between cities?

Inter-city delivery is available to enterprise clients, on request.

Q. Are your vehicles branded?

Since most of our DropBuddies work using their own bikes, cars and trucks there is no compulsion for anyone to brand anything.

Q. Are your DropBuddies presentable?

Our DropBuddies undergo a vigorous vetting process prior to their onboarding, and spot checks thereafter. If you ever spot one of our DropBuddies looking kinda Swagless and/or Unfresh. Please report to your nearest police station.LOL!!. Just kidding. Do send us a mail on ask@dropbuddies.com

Q. How do I download the App?

Visit our download page, from there you can get links to download the app. Alternatively you can visit your App Store to download. We are available on iOS and Android platforms.

Q. What kind of items can I get delivered?

We deliver all documents, contracts, passports, general documents, laundry, small parcels, larger items and anything that can fit into a bag or in a normal vehicle. We however don't transport illegal or dangerous substances or anything else that falls foul of the law. We also don't deliver people no matter how tall or short they might be.

Q. What type of Packaging is required?

Although we will endeavor to ensure your delivery reaches its destination in perfect condition, it remains in your interest and your responsibility to ensure your goods are correctly packaged.

Q. How do I ensure I select the correct mode of delivery?

You do not attempt transporting a television on a bike and you do not want to waste your funds transporting a contract in a car.

Q. How do I know my goods are safe?

For items that are extremely important to you and extremely valuable we give this shipments to our in house DropBuddies who facilitate the transit of these items. We have a rating system which determines who gets what and also do background checks to ensure our DropBuddies making the delivery runs are the most trustworthy individuals.

Q. How do I cancel if the driver is already en route with my goods?

Call us immediately on any of our help lines immediately, so we can see how far gone your packages are.

Q. What if my goods don't fit in the available mode of delivery?

You can contact us anytime if you do have any special requests. We are always open to finding exciting ways to make our customers happy.

Q. How do I report a problem with my order?

Send us an Email on ask@dropbuddies.com

Q. When will I receive my refund?

We would communicate with you effectively and make refund if the errors clearly came from our end.

Q. Who will deliver?

A DropBuddy is like a friend who can drop by a home or office to help you pick up an item that you have forgotten or need picked up.Our DropBuddies are efficient, reliable, trustworthy and friendly people from all walks of life.

Q. Should I tip?

If the spirit moves you. Oh Yes you can tip.

Q. Can I become a DropBuddy?

Anyone with a bike, vehicle and a customer-service mentality can get in on the action! Even if you have neither of the two but just understand the city well we would still love you to apply