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We're Flexible

Whether it's a document, contract or passport that needs to be delivered, food from your favorite restaurant, a shopping request from your favorite store or a laundry request, we at DropBuddies got you covered. We pretty much run any errand for you as long as it's legal.

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Relax, You're Covered

We know safety and security are top priorities when using an errand service. That’s why we automatically include up to 5% insurance on each Gig.

API Integration

Seamlessly integrate Dispatch & Food delivery
 into your application's workflow. Develop and build with our robust API.

Track Your Stuff In Real-Time

You care about your stuff, and so do we. Know where your stuff is every step of the way by checking the user app. Unlike traditional courier services, DropBuddies lets you track your request from start to finish in real-time from your mobile device.

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